Making Calls and Sending Texts

The development in technology is widely present. It would be surprising if it did not touch telecommunication. It is difficult not to appreciate it when you compare the first phones and those devices we are using today. The huge step was the cell phone invention and everything that goes along with it. Today a modern phone is not just a phone. It is a smartphone offering plenty options. It is not used only for making calls and sending texts (SMS).

Smarthophones are little portable computers allowing to stay in touch with everyone and communicate with the world. Thousands of downloadable, free applications can improve the process of communication to the level which we could not expect even 10 years ago. What is best about such applications is that you can install them in order to make cheaper phone calls as well. It means that by downloading the one (or more) of your choice, you can use your phone to call or to send text (SMS) independently from the operator’s charges. So you still use the smartphone for its main purpose (of course only if you still consider making phone calls to be the main purpose of your device) but you are not limited by the charges set by the mobile network operator.

Using such applications makes it even possible to participate in video conferences, just like when using the computer, or participating in multi conversation with number of users. Besides smartphones allow for the Internet browsing, so at the same time you can still keep your social network profiles under full control. The communication options seem to be unlimited today, which is fantastic news for everybody who appreciate fast, cheap and comfortable possibilities to stay in touch with the world.

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